Happy Spring Equinox

I love the Spring Equinox. After my hibernation period since last fall, its always a welcome change! I seem to associate so deeply with Persephone during the fall and winter months. Its a time of deepening for me, of discovering what I need to bring up and focus on through the coming spring and summer, and its always pleasant to see the light at the end of the tunnel - a time to lighten up after all that in depth work.

Since last fall, I've had this desire to go 'In Search of Her'. This title came from Christine Downing's book on The Goddesses. It really hit me and summed up all of the ideas that were rolling around in my mind back then. I really didn't know who I was searching for at that time, but She has been calling me during these past months, and now I know.

For several generations, my family has lived out the theme of the Motherless Daughter, and its been heartbreaking for everyone involved. My Mum was separated from her mother in her teens. I was separated through the death of my Mum back in my teens, and I've been estranged from my daughters since they were just entering their teens.

Losing my Mother and my daughters, created a living nightmare, which is probably why I connected so deeply with the Persephone and Demeter myth. After all, I lived out the abduction of Persephone from her Mother, and then the agony of the Mother being separated from her daughter. After reading the chapter on Persephone, I thumbed through the pages to find Demeter's chapter, but there was none. Christine chose to focus on Gaia as the Grand Mother of all the Greek Goddesses.

This has set off a firework display in my mind of insights and realisations around how the Western Woman really is living the life of the Motherless Daughter, estranged from the Earth Goddess, Gaia: The Grand Mother of us all. I can only speak from the side of the estranged daughter in the context of this larger relationship, but I can guess from my experience how Gaia feels too.

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