Just before the end of the year, I had suggested to my group that we begin the new year with the intention to go 'In search of Her'. Who shall I focus on? Which Goddess, was the reply that came from the group, and myself. I had a rough idea of who I was being drawn to, but nothing concrete. Over the winter months its been Sophia without a doubt that I want to get to know.

Sophia has been called many things.. The Feminine Principle, Great Mother, Gaia, Buffalo Woman, Mary, Isis, Kuan Yin, and on and on, but as Karen Speerstra notes in her book about Sophia... "call Her anything you want, but call Her!"

She also quotes how Pierre Teilhard de Chardin described Sophia in his Hymn to The Eternal Feminine...

I am the beauty running through the world... I am the essential Feminine. In the beginning I was no more than a mist, rising and falling... I was the bond that held together the foundations of the universe... I am the single radiance by which all is aroused and within which it is vibrant... I open the door to the whole heart of creation... Lying between God and the earth, as a zone of mutual attraction, I draw them both together in a passionate union... I am the Eternal Feminine.

And, asks us what she describes as Heartbeat Questions of

What does it mean to be a child again?

How do I differentiate Happiness from Joy? What brings me true joy?

What straw in my life could become gold?

How might I play in new creative ways?

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