Still thinking...

I haven't posted anything for a few days as I've been thinking about several things, and haven't brought them all together yet. This is a part of our process when we spend days musing on fleeting thoughts that have popped into our minds. Sometimes, there's a stream of them that merge together over several days, and that's where I am now. It all started with realizing that we carry the experience of the Sacred ( or whatever name works for you) within our DNA.

Just like the butterfly, the end is already there in the beginning, and so it is with us. It's a beautiful, and very natural development. Campbell talked of a body wisdom that took care of all of the functions going on within us, without us even knowing about it. Our DNA is something that we're only just beginning to understand. In layman's terms we would probably equate it to our Blueprint.

This is as far as I've got with this train of thought. I'm still pondering on the creation process with its universal architect and designer.

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