I've been thinking about how to approach this subject for a while. When I complete the geometry section of the website, it will show how the Stone sits at the heart of the magnificent Gothic Cathedrals, as the mystical Rose Cross. These cathedrals took generations to build - York Cathedral took seven generations I believe! What an undertaking. What a dedication to bring the Sacred into their midst.

Here in the States, churches now meet in school buildings or a store that is no longer in use. We've lost the sense of sacred structure - of what that means and how it takes form in the world. In all honesty, I think we've lost our sense of the sacredness of all life... ours as well.

If we look at the Native American tradition, they see the land and everything around them as Sacred, and therefore treat it with respect. You can't abuse something that you hold as Sacred. Its the same in a lot of Eastern spiritual teachings, where they honour the life giving energy within Nature, and act accordingly.

I must admit that I find it easier to connect with that sense of the Sacred when out in Nature. Its more difficult to get past the masks that we wear, to connect with the true essence of those we meet, but we too are a part of Nature: each one of us a Sacred being. If only we could remember that, we would behave very differently towards ourselves and those around us.

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