Sacred Structure

I've been thinking about the words we use to describe sacred structures. The term Sacred is a good place to start. What does Sacred mean to you? It's associated with holy, blessed, consecrated, revered etc.. It seems to me that we've lost our sense of the Sacred when we look around us, or even within us. I'm not so sure that I can put it into words, as its more of a connection for me... something that I feel when I'm out in Nature. There's a Radiance that I can feel and 'see' in the world around me. Feeling that, makes me look at things differently, because there's a relationship there - one that is beautiful.

Other terms come to mind, such as Sanctuary which means a safe place. Then there's the Temple, somewhere for worship and ritual - where the Tabernacle is kept, containing the Sacred Host. Our bodies have been referred to as a Temple, with the Tabernacle of the heart inside, containing the Sacred Host. We're all sacred structures: sacred spaces where the Divine resides.... Worth thinking about.

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