Into the Root

I spent many years working with the symbol of the flower, which for me is all about the Rose of the Heart, until a few years ago when I was in Crestone visiting the Lindisfarne Chapel there - well worth Googling. It's a wooden dome that is created from the geometric design of the Flower of Life. If I remember correctly, the floor design is composed of bricks and then the low seating area is made from stones, which flow around the circumference. In the centre is a navel stone with a candle.

I went over, lit the candle and sat back down in meditation. It wasn't long before I had this sensation of plummeting down into the Earth as if I was in an elevator that had lost control. It really shook me up! Then I relaised that I had just decended down through the stem, into the root system and was embedded deep within the Earth. What amazed me was, I'd never considered the Rose having a stem or root, just the blossom.

The symbol of the Lotus is often shown in a pond where the idea of a stem and root system is more obvious, whereas the symbol of the Rose seems to stand alone. It's really worth meditating on the stem and the roots, drawing their nourishment up from the darkness of the Earth beneath. We tend to focus a lot on the life giving light of the Sun, and neglect the darker side of life. I've found that by unting the two a more wholesome experience results.

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