Valentines Day

I've always loved the architecture of the churches and cathedrals with their stunning stained glass windows. It never failed to amuse me how the sun would bring each one to life as it moved throughout the day. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Notra Dame in Paris, and was absolutely glued to the magnificent Rose Windows. The colours, design and craftsmanship is absolutely incredible!

It wasn't until 1994 that I started to understand the deeper meaning of the rose, as I began doodling a six petalled flower. It seemed like a pretty thing to be drawing and I could complete it in one stroke without taking my pen of the paper. I'd just had the Mandala painted at that time and saw the flower as an overlay. I always seemd to start and stop in the same place, and eventually realised that I was seeing a route through a map. Coincidentaly, if there is such a thing, I saw the flower appear in a crop circle just outside Stonehenge around the same time.

Now I was really intrigued and starting searching for more information, which has continued to this day. The geometric formation of The Flower of Life has appeared in 18 different countries across the world, and appears to be the most ancient - probably because it can be created so easily with just a stick and string, if nothing else is available. Then there's the Rose Windows, and Rose Cross, Rose of The Heart. The six petalled flower that appears in the centre of the famous labarynth at Chartres Cathedral, and of course The Lotus Blossom.

So why does the Rose appear in all of these Spiritual traditions? What does it mean? Perhaps today is a good day to answer that question as we celebrate Valentines Day. Today more than any other day, we send roses to our loved one, as a symbol of our Love and Unity.

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