Large Study Groups and Workshops are held at the beautiful Eldorado Springs Art Center.

The Grail Castle and Mandala

I fully recommend the individual sessions to begin with, as I start all of my students off by taking them into the Grail Castle. This is a guided meditation where I will prompt you for, and document, every detail of what you see in each section. Going into the Castle is equivalent to entering the dream world where all of the information is portrayed through imagery. Each of the images symbolizes something that you need to know about what is going on in your life.


When beginning this journey during an indivisual session, I can fully devote the time needed for each person. As a result, the meditation is much more informative and therefore more effective than in a group setting. One very important thing that does remain the same, is the new connection with your Self. For those of you who have already done some inner work, this meditation will definitely deepen and clarify your path.


The time required for meditation depends on each person, but it averages around an hour. During this time, I intuitively get a sense of where we need to begin and what needs transforming to bring you more into line with your authentic path in life.

Going over the details together takes another 30 minutes or so, but it will get you started until we can meet again for a deeper understanding of the symbols. I like to sit with the information for a little longer so as I get a clearer sense of what is going on for each person, and what they need to both let go of and what to increase in their life.


When we get your plan together, I’ll introduce the Mandala as a map of the process: your journey ahead. The Mandala is a great meditation tool activating your dreams and intuition to add more information for you. It also shows you how to bring the different aspects of your personality into balance, and ultimately into the wholeness of who and what you really are.


The Grail Castle and Mandala work hand in hand, with the Castle representing the body and the Mandala the Soul: both physical and spiritual worlds. Obviously, the goal is to unite the two, and when you begin to get these two to work in harmony, they very naturally begin to reveal the Grail.



The study groups are composed of one group session and one individual session a month for 4 to 5 months. Working with The Castle meditation is the main focus during the individual sessions, continually adjusting what is happening in your life to keep you on your path. In the group sessions, sharing and discussion is encouraged around your relationships, while helping you to understand the dynamics involved and how to improve them. A basic understanding of sacred geometry is explained at the appropriate times to add depth to your understanding of this ancient spiritual process and teaching. No prior understanding of geometry, sacred or otherwise is needed.



The alchemical process is a cyclical journey of mystery, intrigue and self revelation. The symbols that have been my guide have all belonged to the world of sacred geometry: initially a strange and foreign language until I experienced them as treasured places within an inner landscape. Following the ancient adage of ‘as within, so without’ I began to see the same geometric landscape in the seed design of the Ancient Sacred Circles: especially Stonehenge, St Mary’s Chapel at Glastonbury, and the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe. These formations are designed to have a certain vibration, or frequency, to raise our consciousness to their level... “to enter one of the temples constructed wholly of geometric proportion is to enter an abode of eternal truth.” Robert Lawlor



The workshop is the Pièce de résistance! It's what everything up to now has been heading towards. During the three hours, you will make your own sculpture of the Philosophers Stone to use during your meditation. Its made out of foam poster board so as you can easily replicate the symbols of the universal correspondences. Some people like to bring their own crystals to represent the planetary energies, and their own symbols for the constellations. I will have all the necessary items available if you don’t have that preference.

As we will have learned during the coursework, every structure has its own unique energy field, each resonating in a different way. The energy resonating from the structure of The Stone will help you to raise your conscious awareness of the Harmony, Unity and Love that the Universe embodies - you included! To visualize yourself siting in the centre, in the position of the Sun with the Universe embracing and supporting you, creates a beautiful energy that will attract more harmony, love and unity in your life.


The sculpture of The Stone, is born out of the geometric design formed within the stone circles. The unique position of the stones were placed to create a sacred energy field of cosmic consciousness. As a child I used to run through these stones and play a game of popping in and out, laughing at the difference between the two experiences. Little did I know that I would spend most of my life mystically popping in and out.

These ancient stone circles replicate the process of creation within their geometric design. For the purpose of this introduction, I will focus on one aspect of the design, and that is the six petalled flower. As we see below, this Flower of Life symbolizes the initial process of a cell reproducing itself. This design can be easily drawn with a compass. Our ancestors would use a stick with a piece of string tied to it to form their outline on the earth. Put the stick in the ground and walk around holding onto the string and you form a circle with a central point or nucleus. Move to the edge of the circle and repeat, and you duplicate the image of a cell in the process of reproducing itself. Now you have two cells with a very interesting overlap called a Vesica Pisces. (The golden rectangle is formed from the vesica, which give rise to the rectangular formation of the early Chapels).

The continuation of this process involves placing the stick where the two circles intersect. Continuing this pattern creates six circles perfectly positioned around a central seventh, creating the symbol of The Flower of Life. This symbol has been discovered in ancient sacred groves, shrines and temples throughout the Globe.

The creation process doesn’t stop there, it continues by forming minerals with their crystalline structures. These can be replicated by following the same process of connecting the centers and intersecting points together. By doing this, straight lines are introduced into the mix, creating the six pointed star, as well as many other well known symbols used in a variety of spiritual traditions.

The Flower is a beautiful symbol of the basic process of creation, but its two dimensional, and we live in a three dimensional world, as depicted by the cellular structure. The ancient stone circles also are not flat, their energy fields are spherical, with as much under the ground as above. An example of this could be the pyramids where the excavations have shown their underground passages and chambers.

In order to get an accurate 3 dimensional design , we need to work with the cells themselves. By placing six spheres around a central seventh, the upper right image comes to light. We now have the Celtic symbol of the Khi Rho with its six directions of N, S, E, W, Above and Below. Many Celtic and Gothic Crosses were built with this formation. Following suit, if I connect these six centers and their intersecting points with straight lines, I create the Rhomboid Dodecahedron. The model shown to the left is using ZomeTool, a mathematically accurate geometric modeling kit. As you can see a cube is also created by just connecting the intersecting points.


I have added some more graphics in the sacred geometry section, under the heading of The Cross, that will exlain this model further.



The seven spheres have another association, and that’s with the Lithium atom. Lithium also has an association with stone as in the lithograph. It’s also a drug used to balance bi-polar disorder. Within the Cabala, the lithium atom is associated with the High Priestess who is the Uniting Intelligence, uniting the two outer pillars of the Tree. Her symbolism also contains the pomegranate, as does the Empress on her dress. The rhomboid dodecahedron is just oozing with amazing correspondences, and as an atom positions itself beautifully as the root of creation.

The symbolism engraved on the dodecahedron consists of the six planets radiating out from the central position of the Sun, with the constellation weaving around the 12 diamonds to form the ouroboros, all held within the three rotating outer planets. The cube in the centre, contains the four elements, a symbol of the physical world coming into form.



The rhomboid dodecahedron is a beautiful symbol containing both ‘Root and Fruit’: the Oneness and Unity of all Creation. Our world needs such a symbol as this, probing the depths of the subconscious mind to activate our innate awareness of this universal truth. Historically, this truth has been symbolized by the Pomegranate with its multitude of seeds comprising the whole fruit, reminding us that a multitude of cells forms one body, and a multitude of atoms forms one universe. Our Earth is a living organism with each one of us being 'a cell', or atomic particle within that whole. Just like the cells in our body all functioning together to create one of the miracles of life... the human body. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all people worked together with the same intent towards our Earth.