Introducing the deeper meaning of the sculpture and connecting it to other myths and spiritual teachings...


The Sculpture of The Philosophers Stone.

A Rhomboid Dodecahedron appearing in nature as the natural formation of the Garnet. The Garnet is a blood stone associated with the root chakra, hosting the coiled Kundalini Serpent. The term derives from the Latin Granatum, where we get the words Grenadine and Pomegranate. Mythologically, the Pomegranate belongs to Persephone, symbolizing fertility and immortality. It was also the only fruit allowed to be brought inside the Holy of Holies, and miniature pomegranates were sewn on the high priest’s robe when he made his yearly entry.



It is not my intention to teach sacred geometry in this section. I’ve found over the years that its much more beneficial to incorporate that understanding into the coursework. Sacred geometry is all about the flow and formation of energy: geomancy, and as such is best experienced along with the transformation of energy that accompanies the alchemical process.


What I want to show here is the connection, and positioning of the symbols of the Castle, Mandala and Grail within the geometric design of Stonehenge. I am not claiming any proficiency in the field of geometry. I don’t work with the math involved, just the symbols, their energy fields, and their relationship to each other as it applies to our personal growth process. For clarity, I have used some of Keith Critchlow’s graphics as a foundation for mine. He is for me a leader in this field, and the graphics that I am using have all come from an article of his that focusses on the geometry of Stonehenge. It can be found in the book entitled, Glastonbury & Britain - a study in Patterns. Published by the Research into Lost Knowledge Organization in England.


Much of this basic framework can be found in a variety of books, published by the Druids, John Michell (who had an incredible mind), Robert Lawlor and many more. What I bring to the table is the connection with the Myth of The Grail Quest, and how that maps out the Alchemical Process.

I’d like to begin with the image of the Flower of Life, and its connection to the cellular growth that we looked at in the workshop section. It begins with the circle: a single cell with a central point. Within the ancient sacred circles, this central point from which everything else radiates is known as the Omphalos, or navel stone. Next we come to the cell in the process of reproducing itself, creating an overlapping area known as the Vesica Pisces.


This is a symbol that holds an absolute wealth of understanding. It is seen as the womb of creation wherein the two wolds unite to re-create the One out of the two. The masculine and feminine coming together to create the child. The union of Spiritual and Physical creating the Christ or Buddha consciousness, Macrocosm and Microcosm creating the unity of Creator and creation, etc.. Because the Vesica is upheld as the Womb of Creation, all authentic sacred geometry is required to be born out of the symbol of the Vesica.

The Grail Castle: The Blackening

The first stage of the process that I was taught, was how to work with The Grail Castle. Its position is overlaid in the image to the left Its composed of a square with an inner circle, both divided into four sections. (I need to ask you to ignore the compass alignment of the underlying graphic. My work sits North, South with the dividing lines being formed by the precession of the equinoxes, as shown in the symbol to the right). For anyone who is familiar with sacred geometry, there is obviously a lot more going on here than I’m addressing!

The Grail Castle is the Alchemical Crucible, where all the transformation occurs. It’s four fold structure symbolises the four chambers of the heart. Within the Biblical Eden, there were four rivers that flowed out from its centre, dividing Paradise into a fourfold structure. The Sufi tradition also has teachings around healing the four divisions of the heart. This shouldn’t surprise us as the heart has always been identified as the seat of the Soul, and its the Soul that we’re working with throughout this whole process.



The symbol of the circle within the square is also full of meaning. The circle as we have seen is a symbol of Oneness, the Spiritual source of it all. The square is a symbol of the physical world with its four directions, four elements, chambers etc.. From this we can see how the Castle represents the movement of Spirit within Matter: the flow of energy within the world of manifestation, and spirit within the heart of mankind.

The Mandala: The Whitening

The diamond formation of the Mandala can be seen in fig 1 and 1a, now both Castle and Mandala contain the same circle. This is obvious really, when you think that there’s only the One Spirit that is moving through manifestation, whether we’re working on the visible physical world, or invisible world of the Soul. Its all the same energy, only different levels.



All Mandalas are symbols of the Self, or Soul. The six sections represent the six characteristics within the personality, or the six stages/days of our creation. The work with the Mandala is centered around getting to ‘Know Yourself’ and to see where the energy imbalances are and how to bring them into back harmony, revealing the Beauty of Soul: Blanchfleur, The White Rose.

Fig 1

Fig 1a


The Philopher's Stone: The Reddening


The geometry of this stage has been included in the workshop section, so I will just show how the flower sits within Stonehenge in Figs 2, 3, & 4



Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4



The models below show the growth of the rhomboid dodecahedron into its cross formation. On the left we have 6 cubes moving outward following the directions of north, south, east, west, above and below, duplicating the habit of crystal formation.  On the right, we have the 8 diagonal expansions of the cube.  Together, the 6 and 8 form the direction and expression, or manifestation of creation. I have expanded these further and basically they just keep reproducing themselves. The cubical model appears to replicate the Menger Sponge. The 6, when in the formation of the Flower, replicates the snowflake fractal, which I'll show in a leter section on the Flower within Stonehenge.


All of the images used in my website have bubbled up from within the unconscious. I dont understand all of the science behind these images, I just start to feel them. From there on, its the same as any other relationship as we get to know one another in a more intimate way. The only difference is, both 'parties' in this relationship are me! Each one symbolises a aspect that I haven't previously been aware of. 


Appendix 1

Pages out of Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism by David Fideler