"Just a Brit Different"

Spiritual Teacher, Visionary


I’m a mother of five, a grandmother of nine, and I’ve been on my spiritual path for most of my life - a long time. I started my journey to ‘know God’ back in England when I was very young. I went through most of the Western religions during my constant search, which only produced more questions than answers. It wasn’t until I was in training as a marriage guidance counsellor that I came across Jungian Psychology, and started to make sense of my world. We moved to Colorado in 1985 where my search deepened considerably. I began meditating which initiated a series of inner teachings around the Grail Castle. These teachings were given to me during more of a trance state than just meditation, and they continued for several months.



A few years later I was shown the Mandala in an out of body experience (while driving) and proceeded to do what I intuitively knew I had to do, and that was to get it painted and printed. This has become so valuable as a guiding map for this whole spiritual process and the path work involved. It complements the work of the Castle as it unites the soul, or mind with the body, resulting in the discovery of The Stone.



I’m excited to be able to share this ancient wisdom in the hope that it will eminently improve the lives of those that it comes into contact with. I’ve seen other websites that are promoting the rhomboid dodecahedron form, but I believe I’m the only one that unites it with its ancient connection to Stonehenge and its profound connection between us and our universe.




8 Chesebro Way,
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Large groups and workshops are held at The Art Center in the Beautiful Eldorado Springs Canyon.  


Immerse yourself in the tranquility and peace this natural retreat enviornment provides, allowing you to let go of the busyness of day to day life.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery and countless activities available in this natural wonder.