...and we're no different. Each one of us has our own unique purpose, it's not just about who, or what we are, but also why we are here! It's time to discover your purpose. The ancient alchemical process was designed with that in mind and will guide you in that direction.

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I have been reconnecting people with their authentic path for 25 years.

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I have had a lifelong connection with Stonehenge and the Grail Myths that are woven into the geometric design of this ancient sacred circle. In my spiritual practice, I begin by taking my students into The Grail Castle: the alchemical crucible, to reconnect them and open a channel of communication with the Self. My spiritual artwork provides a platform for Parcival and Blanchfleur to play out the inner quest throughout a Mandala: providing a map of their journey, and an introduction to the other archetypal characters they will meet along the way. A sculpture of the Sanctuary of the Heart concludes the journey in a celebration of the sacred union within The Holy Grail.

The Philosophers Stone
A Rhomboid Dodecahedron

The symbolism engraved on the dodecahedron consists of the six planets radiating out from the central position of the Sun, with the constellation weaving around the 12 diamonds to form the ouroboros, all held within the three rotating outer planets. The cube in the centre (see here), contains the four elements, a symbol of the physical world coming into form.

Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming, expanding, driving backward the night. Placed in the center a ray of great potence, Life giving, Light giving, filling with power all who came near it.

-The Emerald Tablets

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Your Authentic Self.


The alchemical process is a cyclical journey of mystery, intrigue and self revelation. The symbols that have been my guide have all belonged to the world of sacred geometry: initially a strange and foreign language until I experienced them as treasured places within an inner landscape. Following

the ancient adage of ‘as within, so without’ I began to see the same geometric landscape in the seed

design of the Ancient Sacred Circles: especially Stonehenge, St Mary’s Chapel at Glastonbury, and the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe. These formations are designed to have a certain vibration, or frequency, to raise our consciousness to their level... “to enter one of the temples constructed wholly of geometric proportion is to enter an abode of eternal truth.” Robert Lawlor





It has been theorized that Stonehenge is an astrological observatory. That may be so, but my connection with it has revealed a much deeper meaning which has been life changing. What I have discovered from my inner teachings is that Stonehenge is a microcosm, a mini Universe: intricately connected to the macrocosm of the greater Universe. The sculpture of the Grail, is born out of the geometric design formed within the stone circles. The unique position of the stones were placed to create a sacred energy field of cosmic consciousness.

Janet Peart, Spiritual Teacher, Visionary


Walking through the Grail Castle with Janet is an illuminating experience. The characters I encountered with her guidance revealed the fears I was hiding from, and gave me the opportunity to confront them. My entire life is richer for knowing Janet, my very own "British mystic!"


Patricia Gassaway




I've worked with Janet Peart as a life coach for several years in relationships and in my workplace--that have changed my life. Thanks to Janet's practical and insightful advice, I've become a better mother and friend. Thanks to her persistence and patience, I've become a more productive New York Times bestselling author. I

value her as a coach and continue to use her whenever I run into obstacles through which I must carefully maneuver.


Joan Johnston

When I first met Janet, I was floundering around, knowing my life was just about survival. I knew I wanted something different, but I

didn't know how to change it. I started working with Janet and her unique Mandala. After meditating with it for a few weeks, Janet knew I was ready for a tour of "The Castle" and my life somehow magically shifted... Within a few weeks, I had started my own bridal and evening gown design business and was subsequently commissioned to design a Red Carpet Gown for the 2010 Academy Awards. This is the first time in

my 62 years that I have felt truly gratified in my work and that I'm doing what I was put on earth

to do!


Maggie Burns